TypeWknd – It has been

…very interesting Days

September 24–27, 2020

It was very interesting, surprising and entertaining. Now the videos are online and can be seen by all interested parties >>> Video Online on Youtube [1]!

What did I find particularly exciting? The speech of Athang Samant [2] – he talked about a Devanagari Typefaces, their forms and orientations. He gave me very inspiring insights into the design of the Devanagari typefaces he did create.

I didn’t know if it would be possible to follow the lectures later, and I saved some pictures with fascinating works. For my readers some views into my archive:

typewknd typewknd typewknd

I was also fascinated by the presentation of the works of Andrei Ograda [3]


and Agnieszka Ewa Olszewska [4]. But I couldn’t find the Screenshots… I think you find a way to look for her work!

[1] Typewknd 2020
[4] on dribble:

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